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1   Link   Sugar And Your Health
Do you consume 2-3 pounds of sugar in a week? Read on!
2   Link   Osteoporosis and Sugar
This article details the link between dietary sugar and osteoporosis.
3   Link   25 Key Reasons You Want To Avoid Sugar
Some of the health risks associated with dietary sugar intake.
4   Link   Aspartame (Nutra-Sweet): Avoid It!
This is an overview of the tainted history of aspartame (Nutra-Sweet), its harmful ingredients and their effects on your health.
5   Link   How Sucralose ( Splenda) Is Made and Why You Want To Avoid It
How much do you know about the sugar substitute in the friendly yellow packet?
6   Link   The New York Times: New Salvo In Splenda Skirmish
Interesting article detailing a Duke University research study of Splenda and the resulting controversy.
7   Link   Splenda Exposed
Splenda: is it safe or not? Dr. Janet Hull reveals the scientific evidence strongly suggesting the chemical sweetener sucralose may harm your body.
Disclaimer: despite what Dr. Hull says about saccharin being a "safe alternative", we DO NOT advocate the use of ANY artificial sweetener.
8   Link   Sugar Stacks
Oreos. Apples. Kashi TLC cookies. Coca-Cola. Would you eat 16 cubes of sugar? Click on this link for a fascinating look at popular foods and how many "sugar cubes" they contain.