Calcium and Bone Health
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1   Link   Cal Apatite Magnesium
This is the calcium product most used at the office. Its MCHC (microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate) formulation is highly absorbable, making it ideal for maintaining optimal bone health.
2   Link   Do All You Can Do To Build Strong Bones
This helpful article gives an overview of bone formation as well as details about MCHC, the type of calcium most used at the office.
3   Link   Calcium Carbonate: Avoid It!
Click here to learn about calcium carbonate and its harmful health effects.
4   Link   The Truth About Tums!
Stomach acid is needed for good digestion and mineral absorption. Antacids, particularly calcium carbonate antacids, reduce stomach acid...resulting in more heartburn! Click here to learn more!
5   Link   Antacids and Bone Health
A fascinating article detailing the adverse effects of antacids, particularly on bone health issues such as osteoporosis.